A Great Chasm of Grand Proportions

Hello Fellow Earth travelers!


This is a simple blog post today.


Not that simple! I had some trouble with the Wi-Fi.



We are currently in Roswell!  See below for proof.



Not enough proof?! See below for more proof!



Now that that is settled, today was a long driving, super hot day that this Oregonian was not totally prepared for.


After a long day yesterday and an early bed time, I am finally getting to posting the work from our trip to the Grand Canyon.

Yesterday, we visited the Grand Canyon National Park.  Because of the excessive mosquito bites from Alvord and the heat, we limited our exploration to the main segments of the National Park and did not go to the Parashant Park, which has the overlooking bridge.


However, through the pain, through the anguish, through the crowds, I tried to do something different.  Timelapse is fun, but the real nitty gritty of photography is taking great photos and making great Images.


This image consists of 12 individual photos and stacked as a Panorama:

minnerActual photo was WAY TOO BIG for WordPress..


After some work..



It can never be easy, can it?



It’s way past by bedtime budget.



Tomorrow is Moab.


Since they closed the Arches Park due to construction, the plan for some awesome night shots is now a possible food blog depending on where we eat.


Anyway…  Keep travelling!





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