Outer Space;Inner Thoughts

Hello Fellow Earth Travelers!
Day 1 of my planetary journey took me to interstellar locations.

But before I could experience this, we traveled in out Earthbound ship, over the mountains and through the desert.

These shots were taken from the Alvord Hot Springs campsite.  We wanted to camp on the lake bed but its still a lake. 
After being attacked by bugs, dealing with this thing:

we were able to settle in and take some great test shots of the night sky.

(I don’t have solid wifi at the moment so i will post those images in a separate blog post) 

We didn’t sleep well due to being Pandas that like the creature comforts of a real bed.

That turned out to be a good thing.  The batteries died in my camera taking the timelapse.  I woke up in time to swap the batteries.  I liked the result.

Didn’t sleep any better though.  Still, that was another good thing.  I woke up to this as I opened the tent flap. 

Yes! That is the moon and Venus rising before sunset.   I snapped this with mu phone.   I got some images with my camera too and I’m still processing.

Anyway, I leave early in the morning for the Grandest of Canyons.
I hope you enjoy! 

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