One Final Project Before Leaving Home

Greetings again my fellow Earth Travelers!

Me before I leave.jpg

It’s always a proper sendoff when the weather is nice before you depart on a long journey.

After work, I decided to visit the Waterfront and capture as many elements at one time, in a time lapse that represented the busy, lazy, crazy, hazy setting known as Portland.


Is this what sunshine looks like in Portland?

999 Shots @ {F/4.0 ISO:200 M:1/2000}

In this piece, we have:

  • Slow moving clouds
  • Fast moving cars in the distance
  • People out for a stroll
  • Joggers
  • Bicyclists


I plan to revisit this clip once I return from Roswell, NM.  There was some more workflow changes that I wanted to make but the evening turned to night which turned to almost morning before I completed the processing.


I have another piece that I am throwing into post.  It is hardly a bonus since I have to clean up a number of frames.

GIVE ME A BREAK YOU RELENTLESS DICTATOR! (You know who you are Comrade)



Until next time, thanks for visiting.


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